$SH, $UUP, and $PBR - Will Probably Buy OPEN CALL positions with first nibble here today...tad early if I jump now

$SH daily chart

$UUP daily chart

$PBR daily chart

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This is my way of saying I am nibbling today and will closely monitor the trade looking for buy ins which average up on the CALLs.

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Yeah, nibbled on all 3

Notice how these plays have more positive developments and looks going on than the charts I just posted A-H with possible breakouts imminent.

Here, we have a better selection of charts which are all

  1. Above the 250 EMA
  2. Currently trading inside the Bullish 20 x 50 EMA crossover range
  3. Showing an SCTR score above 90 (to learn what SCTR is about, google SCTR from stockcharts glossary.)
  4. Has hit a 52-week new high in the past 100 trading days
  5. Not going into earnings this week