Cat9 Setups: $ARDX, $KOLD, $TGTX, $GILD, $TTD, $MANU, $FSLY (If I find anymore, I'll add here.)

Nick is the No. 1 new fan for Happy Dog. He rode his motorcycle down to the Green Parrot last night and danced with the ladies til the band passed out. Now he’s rested and ready to lay some setups on us. Here he is on the shotgun shack porch, getting ready for his first cup of coffee and plotting tonight’s prowl.

He chased two big raccoons out of our yard this week who used to knock over garbage pails, etc. Yeah, those days are over. Sgt. Nick on duty doesn’t take kindly to messy critters. He’s a very funny boy, but when it comes to protecting me or my wife - especially my wife - I don’t care if you are snake or scorpion, this guy will chase you down and make you pay for not moving along quickly enough:

$ARDX daily chart

Looking for a big breakout and a hold so that the gains can be plowed back into “underlying zero cost shares.”

Rob is sorta hot on this one. Same here. Waiting for further news on Phase II or Phase III trials. Note: EARNINGS NEXT WEEK!

$KOLD daily chart. I listed all the reasons I like this chart in another thread today about Nat Gas and Oil. It retracted at day’s end - which is good. I’d like to see a bit more sideway’s action above that horizontal support. Again, this is a 3x inverse Nat Gas ETF (the reverse of $BOIL) and when I play this, I am very active money managing nibbles, adds, sales, sales bit by bit. Always an eye on lowering costs and adding shares and looking for bigger payoffs.

One share of $KOLD bought toward today’s close means I will follow more closely. Meanwhile, just moved my $BOIL stop/loss for the last 10% of my big trade to $6.35.


$TGTX (talked about this one in a newer thread)

$GILD daily chart

$TTD Daily Chart (This went to sleep after that explosive earnings gap up. It has since begun traveling in a sideways range for the past week of trading, setting up a new support horizontal. $TTD closed today above the 250 EMA which I use as my longterm placeholder on stocks and ETFs. I’ve already nibbled and I’m getting ready to add in a big way on a bullish breakout. Started breaking out today and we’re left standing looking at $TTD poking her head out the garret roof window:

$MANU broke out today and it didn’t run away from us:

$FSLY daily chart showing lotta buyers in this sideways action of consolidation. Get ready to hit early and hard.


I sold my ARDX. Nothing wrong with it. I just decided to sell what I thought was a “a good chance/probably” for what I consider to be “most likely”… with similar hoped for deltas in the share price. I think I bought SMCI calls with the dollars.

Nuance, combined with fussiness.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I have one bunch of zero cost shares in this $ARDX which keeps growing after every trade.

The setup looks promising,

Sending good karma from the Keys that the $SCMI trade works out too,

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Damn, forgot to add $FSLY to my setup lists at after alerting to it yesterday for its setup

Here’s what I missed today:

The chart of $KOLD (I bought one share to follow along a day or two ago) shows today’s big breakdown. No sweat, my remaining shares of $BOIL still solidly in the green and I just raised my stop/loss to $7.25 on it.

$KOLD daily chart (Inverse of $BOIL)

$BOIL daily chart

$GILD threatened a breakout today but never made it on 1/2 avg. daily volume. Get us some volume and a breakout next week, and I’m here:

$TTD daily chart shows a small pop and downtrend reversal after yesterday’s breakout. This is one I’ll go all out on for a trade if and when the buying volume comes in harder next week. Carrying a gain in this one, and I’d like to double up on this one next week. I still can’t get over the CEO’s conference call. I think Saul’s board my have added $TTD as one of their picks, and I’ll check up on that later.

Oh wow, read this earnings report for $TTD. Yeah, I’ll go all in next week with good volume. And if I win big here, I’ll take profits in underlying shares:

$MANU added almost another 1% to yesterday’s breakout. Still flat like week old Dr. Pepper. Yeah, I like this look and hope the volume picks up next week. This team is up for sale.