Shadow Tanker Fleet

Darn capitalists! If there is a buck to be made; politics gets tossed under the bus.

Shipping companies have snapped up dozens of secondhand oil tankers this year, paying record prices for ice-class ships that can navigate frozen seas around Russia’s Baltic ports in winter.

A driving force behind the purchases, say people familiar with the deals: To get Russian oil to market after the harshest sanctions to date strike Russia’s energy industry next week.

The frenzy in a quiet corner of the shipping market is splitting the tanker industry in two. One part deals with Western oil companies, banks and insurers. The other, known informally in the industry as the “shadow fleet,” doesn’t, allowing it to trade with Iran, Venezuela, and increasingly with Russia, the world’s biggest exporter of crude and refined fuels.


That does not mean Russia will get higher prices.

The other dictators will talk. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

All parties are in it to pay less for Russian oil. No entity is in it to pay more for Russian oil. That is undefendable to their own public.

BTW the western cartel can strike again and lower prices on Russian oil a few months from now.

The oil went to China.

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  • China’s teapot refiners have placed orders at $67.11 per barrel, with Russia using its own tankers and insurance to avoid the price cap.
  • ESPO crude is still being sold at a steep discount due to lower demand than normal while Urals is selling well below the price cap.


This is a work in progress. Opec is under pressure.

Filled up this week at Costco $2.89.

We really do not need them under more pressure. NG is next for the western cartel.

My electric in New England is mostly NG fired. The cost just went from $.12 to .24 with Eversource.

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Just as the use car market cools off the used tanker ship market heats up. I wonder if Carvana can transform itself to Tankana quickly enough to get in on the trend?

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