Shipping broker report 12/08/23

As 2023 draws to a close, this looks to be one of the last broker reports (Many brokers normally take a break in Dec-early Jan time-frame). As the first year of IMO standards to deal with emissions draws to a close, the market seems quite active in transactions

  • 14 bulker across the category and age segments.
  • NMM’s Navios Hyperion vessel sold. Probably just a recycling of older tonnage. NMM has options on several newer charter-in Panamax vessels that make more sense than keeping older tonnage,
  • 7 Tanker transactions (VLCCs to MR2s)
  • For the pair of VLCCs, owner probably paid under $100M per vessel, so decent return on vessel after 5 years of use.
  • 15 - 25 newbuilds across vessel types.

Reported elsewhere, after a great month of Nov 2023, BDI took a step back in early Dec 2023 (also shows in Slide 1 tables). Even after the major Cape hit, I don’t think Cape owners are too upset - abt $35K daily at the end of the week.
[Edit: Feel okay nibbling on clean tankers here, or owners with some clean tankers]