Shipping Week 1 2024

There is some general shipping news

  • Ongoing issues with transit of Red Sea: Though impacted by the developments, shares in Israel-based liner company ZIM had a really strong bounce the past week (up about 35%)
  • Dry bulk a more mixed bag - Capes stronger, other sizes - not so much
  • Tankers: Will take this Gibson’s report with some data-points
    Main items (to me)
  • The start-up of the Dankote refinery: Potential impact on both the crude side (lower exports) and the refined side (excess CPP to Europe??)
  • China
  • Canada completes pipeline (could help West Coast crude exports)

Keeping an eye on the Products side


Oh, I hadn’t noticed that. In checking it would seem to be in March or May this year. I was still thinking it was still in litigation; so this is good news.



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