Short alternatives - 401k?

Most inverse ETFs, even if only 1x instead of 3x, are still daily-based returns and not quite same as simply shorting SPY or QQQ.

I have limitations in 401k. Can short things.
Anyone have good 401k-friendly vehicles they recommend that most accurately mirror shorting an index?


BRPIX looks good. it’s matching s&p. i just tried in my 401k it’s allowing to buy this fund BRPIX. hope it works for you.

i did not get this idea so far…thx for hint. may be i also look for next short opportunity.

i can see lot of options here. may be you can pick one from this.…

There are a few reverse indexes that can be useful. Many are 3X. (TMV, EDZ, WEBS, FAZ, YANG, BERZ, GDXD, SQQQ, DRIP, etc.) Also, you can just buy puts. (My broker allows trading options in my 401K.)

One thing I have done a bit of lately in my 401k is writing bear vertical call spreads against cash. Not necessarily the same as shorting. And not the same potential gains. But you also do not need the stock to go down. Just need it to not go up. Tend to have to play in the higher volatility stocks to get decent premiums. But it is something to do when not committed to a buy. Have had to roll a few when the timing wasn’t looking good. Something to do when you cannot short.

My apologies. I conflated a 401k with a roll over IRA. (Because that is where my company sponsored 401k tends to go as soon as it I can get it there.)

If you just mean a company sponsored 401k, you are very much limited to the few selections that they provide.

I did not think that you meant that, as they are very much specific to the company that manages the program. I was assuming that you meant something more self directed through a broker. Sorry if I caused any confusion.