Short Term Trading

Into TDMI on 2/13 at 0.2152. Out just now at 0.2700, for a 25.5% gain.
Into TKC on 2/10 at 4.42. Out just now at 4.75, for a 7.5% gain.

My entry into TDMI was badly done, and I left money on the table. So a grade of ‘F’ for ‘trade execution’, no matter that I made money. My entry into TKC wasn’t much better, nor the exit. But I’d grade myself a ‘D’ on that one.

OTOH, the only way to learn how to trade is by executing trades and then doing post mortems. So, a grade of ‘B’ for that.

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Is TDMI a typo error or should it be TMDI
Today TMDI had an excellent buy signal.

Lucky on TKC

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Good catch on the typo. Yeah, it was TMDI that I traded.

As for TKC, I was NOT “lucky”, The entry and exit were motivated by the facts I could see at the time, modulated by my persistent caution. I.e., when I’m watching prices in real time and think I’m seeing a stall, I get out. That means that sometimes, maybe even most times, I leave money on the table. But what I dislike even more is not getting out when a trend is stalling.

Take a close look at the candle that formed today for TKC. It’s a bearish, Hanging Man Doji. You can expect prices will retrace tomorrow. So I’m happy to be flat, with the profit banked.

this is a 1 minute chart. Stalling or stagnation occurred 'teen 12:52 pm to 15: 16 pm and then took off.

Okay Grasshoppers, when was the last BUY signal. Guessing to go to 5.50.
How many successful trades would you have had on the above chart and how many head fakes.

Assuming 1000 shares, is Simon making money the olde fashion way.

Again assuming 1000 shares can Simon retire for the rest of the year and go fishing and come back next January. But live off of the Dividend portfolio.
We wait with patience and discipline for the Out of the Gate signal.

Note: ALGN had one loss with a nasty head fake.

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