Should this board be changed?

But that doesn’t excuse you going off on others on the board.

What do you mean by going off? Asking may be we change the board mandate and open it up is going off? Who are you?

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I can think of one major way this board could be improved. Unfortunately, like his unlamented predecessors, he refuses to take a hint. Thankfully we have an ignore button.


My original post was let us expand the scope of the board, so that no post is getting arbitrarily deleted. That’s not a hard message to understand…

That is clear, thank you.

I’d prefer to keep the current mix of posters and topics, so I do not favor changing the name of the board as that might attract people and/or topics that will be boring to me. I am a gigantic fan of ignoring posts I don’t care for, but this is not quite good enough when there are lots of responses I don’t wan to read in a thread I would otherwise want to read.

I don’t have any reason to believe we are losing many good posts through cancellation on the grounds they are off topic.

In summary, I don’t think I’d have much to gain while I would have much to lose if the name of this board were to change. So I’d rather keep it as the BRK board and continue to enjoy the stimulating and educational discussions of Saul and Tesla, and the continued stream of interesting ideas from Mungofitch.




You are a huge negative poster on this board. Sometimes, extremely rarely, you post something that is useful to other readers. Maybe 1/40.

Why do you hang out here unless you just like messing with people?

You (in my memory at least) don’t offer anything positive to the board; your posts rarely have any useful financial insight for the people that hang out here.

Unless you enjoy annoying people (maybe you do by your public behavior?), knock it off and go somewhere else where you can provide value/help people.

MF should kick you off out of principal, in my opinion. Surely you’ve violated some of their rules, I would think.



Why do you hang out here unless you just like messing with people?

Though I don’t disagree with the content of your post, it’s worth considering that the answer to your question is your post itself:
You have fed what appears to be a need for attention, which is easiest to achieve by being unpleasant and provocative.
Don’t fall for the ruse : )
If someone seeks being yelled at by the lifeguard, the best way to do that is to KEEP peeing in the pool every day.

I suggest we not respond.
The “ignore” button is a delightful invention.



Why do you hang out here unless you just like messing with people?

Take this thread, it is a fairly simple question. Here we discuss everything besides Bershire. Should we change the board?

You could simply stick to the topic. No need to get irritated or angry. Why is it annoying?

I suggest we not respond.
You don’t have to, especially when you post something indefensible.

You could simply stick to the topic. No need to get irritated or angry. Why is it annoying?

You are a smart guy, so as it has been suggested before, go back and re-read your posts as though they came from someone else and were directed towards you.

Years ago, my oldest brother, who was on the autism spectrum towards Asperger’s Syndrome and absolutely brilliant, was talking about how his multiple employers had all been complete a$$-oles and clueless. Being data oriented I pointed out that if his multiple decade experience demonstrated the same experience with multiple varied inputs, he needed to look at the one constant which was himself. While I am not saying you have Asperger’s, I am saying it’s time to consider the one constant variable in this case, which is you.

To the rest of the board, consider that this is a public forum and there are many on the spectrum who post on TMF. It is not always evident who they are. You don’t always know what is going on in a poster’s life. Perhaps check out this link and read the first few paragraphs about people on the spectrum.…. In the very least, if you are capable of moderation yourself, take a break via pboxing offending posters, at least until you get a grip on your own reaction. You are not going to change them.

wishing the current trend of employment of neuro-divergent had been around for her brother, who was capable of changing the world for the better with his ideas, had his behavior been better understood…


haaha it is all me? Yeah sure. May be I am mentally sick, absolutely, right? How could you be questioning the genius!!! May be it is me or it is pointing inconvenient facts. Most people give up and go away. That’s how all the great posters in TMF were driven away. May be it is useless and waste of everyone’s time. Who cares about facts, at this moment it is absolutely soothing.

Listen, I get it, nothing is more pleasant than the company of like minded people, who agree in principle and can debate to violently agree. Enjoy.

Kingran, another TMF tool you might greatly benefit from is “reply later.” It can be found below the subject line of your post and allows you to breath and put together a thoughtful reply to a post, rather than shooting off a knee jerk aggravated reaction.

Sorry to say there is no tool that TMF provides that can help you with hearing that which does not come from your own mouth.



Kingran, another TMF tool you might greatly benefit from is “reply later.”…

Another very civil message, but, just a thought—
It’s also another bit of attention from a lifeguard.
So expect lots more urine in the pool.

Cut off the attention, stop replying to the posts, the urine flow may ease somewhat.



In investment, like most ideologies, there is no absolute truth, or absolute correctness, because they all have boundaries, conditions, and human factors. After stating your opinions, all you need to say is agree to disagree and keep quite.

I meant “quiet”