Side hustle

Did any of you beautiful people have a side hustle that helped you make it once and still find you like doing it more than contemplating the securities market these days?

One of the best these days seems to be real estate. I went through Zillows data on my development of 120 houses. Iā€™m amazed at the number sold in the last three years.

My development is an R4 zoning development. Small lots of abt 7000 sf with ranch and two story houses of about 2000 sf, two car garage, 2-1/2 bathrooms, 3 or 4 bedrooms. The small lots mean houses are priced near the median in my area. They are great for first time home buyers and those with a growing family who need more space.

Looks like rising prices make it attractive to sell and move to something bigger as soon as they accumulate 30k or so in additional equity. Fast rising prices seems to take only about 3 yrs to reach that goal.

I notice stories of companies building rental house developments. And people buying houses to rent as it is tough for young couples with student loan debts to save a down payment.

Landlords must be doing ok. As long as prices continue to rise. (Or is that our enemy, nasty old inflation?)

How does the rise in the housing market compare to inflation? What is one parcels it out according to location or what kind of real estate we are talking about (say rental apartments or bungalows or mansions)? Can I see some data?

Other than to be little Barron, now tall Barron, is there a way for young kids to get in on real estate?

Being a Fool is my side hustle.

Whose career has nothing to do with investing or offering up somewhat suspect financial and investment adviceā€¦

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Housing value info is readily available from Zillow. For each property they provide a graph of how market value has changed in recent years. They also show previous sales prices of the property as well as their estimate of current value based on square footage.


No - the little kids should not be into real estate at this time and should be into being a kewl Swing Trader.

I have 2 nieces who are at the moment 8 graders who are earning in the 6 figures from the way they have been taught. They started when they were 6 graders under the supervision of their mother. They only invest in three (3) portfolios. Ellevest dot com and the SPDRā€™s
eg. we sold XLC on 6/9/22. Ditto for XLE and finally own and trade 5 sets of the Tetter Totters eg. SPXL / SPXS (own now). eg. QQQ / PSQ (own now). As the bankroll increases in size, they will pick up another pair. The Tetter Totters is recession-proof. You may backcheck at your leisure.

Collect dividend checks monthly (duplicated the portfolio) as spending allowances only. From

Invest the rest per the two Simple Simon rules and let the charts tell them what to do. Simon & Co. is bulletproof. The batting average is around 999 to 1000 percent. If a baseball batter gets up to the plate 22 times and hits 22 times. Same for Simon & Co. With VTI (from Ellevest) with 22 out of 22 successful trades with 0 losses since the " V ".

They do this during homeroom and lunch periods and again review at 3:45 pm EST.

Something to ponder,

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