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Hi all,

I’ve looked throughout the Motley Fool website, and even have done google searches, but I’m having trouble finding some sort of newsgroup or such for Motley Fool Real Estate Trailblazers.

The last stock recommendations have come out last quarter, which is what is expected.

So the question I’m trying to pose to the folks at Motley Fool Trailblazers (either in some sort of newsgroup or other) is What is the estimated timeframe for recommendations for this quarter.

Thank you for any assistance in pointing me to a newsgroup or if you know the answer,

Hi, Mike.

Unfortunately, and I don’t know why, the Real Estate Trailblazers premium service does not have a Service Community. I know the question has been raised before, but for some reason, the product manager just hasn’t done it.

However, as a Premium Fool, you should have access to the Premium Community discussion boards, which would probably be the best place to ask RE Trailblazer questions.

If you are not already receiving RE Trailblazer emails, you should make sure you have opted in to email communications:

Trailblazers does not announce investment recommendations on a regular schedule, but round 1 was released in May, 2021, so I would probably look towards the one-year anniversary in May, 2022 for either the next round or an announcement of a 2022 portfolio. I don’t know what the service advisor, Austin Smith, and the product manager have planned.

Who notes if you have any other questions about RE Trailblazers, you can email Member Services at

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