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Simon saved somebody’s Assets. And Timmmmmmber.

Bank shut down Friday and won’t open until Monday, 3/13/2023.

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Hey Quill I have another Tetter Totter for you. TZA/TNA Russel 2000 which holds alot of financials.


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Quill, You’re gonna love this. Here’s your favorite Wall Street Analyst RECOMENDING SIVB as recently ago as early Feb.

Well, we always go the inverse to whatever he says. 2/3/23 and look what happened. He must have saved a lot of peoples ASSets.

Let’s look at XLF. I had to SELL on 2/8/23 as part of my SPDR’s portfolio.
The talking heads are wondering will there be other banks to fall.

Andy, I hope are holding onto TZA since 2/3/2023, because you have made a substantial amount of money.

I wish too Quill but I went looking for it today after SIVB failed. How many other banks are going to get the hammer?



Tucker hammers SVB. Tucker Carlson: This is the largest bank failure since 2008 - YouTube

Another report. DIRE: BANKS GETTING SHUT DOWN! - YouTube

It takes watching a couple of these to understand the scope of the problem and the unlikelihood that the Fed will fix the problem.