SKX Results

SKX had another good quarter, doesn’t matter how you look at it.…

Rev. 768M (guided 690-710M)
EPS. 1.10 (guided .95-1.05)
TTM EPS 3.52 (.72, 1.13, .57, 1.10)

Revenue increased 34% sequentially and 40% Y/Y.
EPS increased 48% sequentially and YOY.
TTM EPS of 3.52 which is an increase of 17.7% sequentially and 76% Y/Y.

With a stock price of 75.84 (at close) and TTM of 3.52 we have a PE of 21.54.

Looking at past quarters, it seems that Q1 and Q4 are typically their slower quarters with Q3 being their best with back to school.

They mentioned that they are off to a great start in Q2 and expected this to be another record year.



If this was UA would be up 20%. SMH

If this was UA would be up 20%.

If this were UA, the stock price would be $250 instead of $76!


I went to a Skechers store for the first time today. I’m a longtime Nike wearer for most sporting shoes, except soccer where I favor Adidas. I’m 44 and run sparingly these days though I used to run often for exercise (I wear squishy running shoes when I’m loafing around).

The store, located in an upscale mall, was nice, spacious, and not busy at all at 2pm Wed. The music was not blaring as it is in many mall stores.
I tried 3 types of casual running shoes. The GOrun Ride 4, The GOrun Ultra 2, and one other I can’t remember (most likely the GOrun 4 - the naming conventions don’t help with the remembering so much). The clerk was fairly knowledgeable and helpful.
All 3 shoes felt unusual… but good. The Ultra 2 I really liked the feel of after a few minutes of getting used to it (really squishy with a very high arch).
The color choices available in store for the Ultra 2 were hideous. Black with bright yellow (the bumblebee), navy with bright orange (the Denver Bronco), or bright red with black (the Santa shoe). I decided not to buy because of that.
The prices… I expected to be lower due to the postings on this board. But the shoes I tried were $80-100… not exactly cheap. My last pair of Nikes was $80.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shoes, but would characterize the value as ‘good’ but not amazing.

When I got home I checked online and the Ultra 2 is available in 2 additional colors, both less offensive, so I ordered one of them (not sure why the store didn’t have them on display). At a discount with no tax from a 3rd party. I ordered another pair I hadn’t tried on because the pricing and reviews were great, and the return policy was free shipping back. Plus I’m feeling generous to Skechers given the excellent return the stock has given me so far. :slight_smile:

Lastly, I checked in with a friend about my experience, and she relayed that her husband has a pair of Skechers that he wears at work (on his feet much of the day), but finds them unattractive also so he leaves them there and wears other better looking brands while not working.

I’d think minor tweaks to colors and naming conventions could help sales somewhat. And having all colors in stock at the full-price store (there is a Skechers outlet not too far from my home that is on my list to check out also). That said the womens and kids colors seemed mostly good.

Here’s hoping for continued price appreciation in the stock. Cheers!