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Everett, What news, what data, what information, would make you imagine that SKX was at a top? Was it that earnings last quarter were only up 93%? Or did you have a dream last night that people aren’t going to buy any more of their shoes? Or maybe that revenues were only up 40%? Or maybe because it hit a new high? Of course to get from $28 to $105 in a year and a half, it must have hit a hundred new highs along the way. You could have worried that each of them signified a new top. Just saying…

Relax and enjoy the ride until we have a reason to think otherwise.



My wife and I bought 2 pairs each at a Skechers outlet store in Houston a month ago, so the sales will help out Q2 :slight_smile:

The store was pretty busy and well organized. The mark downs were modest, and the 2nd pair was 1/2 off. The manager is very competent and enrolled us in ‘Skechers Elite’ which issues points and coupons…all good.

I wore a pair of Skechers gray ‘yoga mat’ at an outdoor wedding at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The shoes helped me get out on the dance floor with my teenager kids. Great fun.

Regards, John

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