Sky West's Chart

My first guess would have been to go with JBLU or LUV if I were an airline stock buying kind of person. But I don’t know enough about airlines to take the risk. The airline industry has a VERY long history of breaking investors’ hearts.

SKW’s 10-year chart looks a bit like an EKG. The price is almost the same as it was 10 years ago, with a fairlt symmetrical spiky up-and-down in between, so you might be buying on a peak, though the P/E and EV/EBITDA would look good if it were in a more typical industry. I don’t know what those ratios should be for airlines.

You’re probably better off avoiding airlines, companies affected by commodities (e.g., oil drilling), and Chinese companies.

There are so many good companies that aren’t airlines.

Or maybe you could find an airline industry index ETF, and short it or buy puts on it when it’s doing pretty well.

I’m not being cynical, either. Airlines are very tough investments.

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