Skyworks content up in iPhone 6S…


Saul- have ever looked at AVGO? what do you think of it?
AVGO is much more than just smartphones.


I really like Avgo and was also going to suggest it, strong growth stock.

IBD has the following strengh “ratings”
IBD composit = 94 (top 94% off all the stocks they monitor)
EPS rating = 98
RS = 90
Sales+ProfitMarging+ROE (SMR) = A (very good)
Accumulation = D (which is bad)

I like the look of the chart as it is forming a base during this market correction, but I would still watch it for a while before commiting cash in this market (that is, there may still be some very nice opportunities to come before the end of Oct).

This is not in TipTree’s spreadsheet yet:…

and it is missing data here:…

So there is work to be done :wink:

I am going to try and post on Dycom tonight if I can.


iPhone 6S sales over launch weekend were robust relative to expectations at 13 million (vs. 10 million last year). There are a couple important caveats to that number, though:

  • China was included in this launch, whereas it wasn’t in the past

  • Apple’s fiscal quarter ended Saturday, so sales on Sunday will be counted in the following quarter.

Realistically, we won’t be able to see meaningful comparisons until after the holiday season is over. But regardless, the 6S isn’t a flop :wink: And I’m guessing those numbers also imply that China wasn’t the disaster all the pundits feared.

For SWKS, this all seems positive: more content in another successful phone, and possibly a sign that China won’t be the huge drag that pundits think it will be (which, as it happens, coincides with what management has been saying). SWKS obviously has content in many other phones sold in China.

And, of course, mobile is just one aspect of the SWKS business.