SWKS: down due to AAPL ?

SWKS came down more than 10% in last two days.
Is it sympathy with AAPL ?


SWKS came down more than 10% in last two days. Is it sympathy with AAPL ?

From a Seeking Alpha public news story today:

SWKS, QRVO, INVN slump after Morgan Stanley forecasts iPhone sales drop
Dec 14 2015, 13:06 ET…
Apple suppliers Skyworks (SWKS -5.3%), Qorvo (QRVO -6.2%), and InvenSense (INVN -4.4%) are off sharply after Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty (a long-time Apple bull) forecast iPhone unit sales will drop 3% in calendar 2016 (and 6% in FY16, which ends in September) in response to recent checks. She also respectively cut her calendar Q4 and Q1 iPhone shipment forecasts by 5M and 9M to 74M and 52M. Apple itself is down 1.6%.

Huberty blames smartphone saturation in developed markets and (presumably due to forex) higher iPhone prices in emerging markets. Her remarks come amid news Apple has cut the price of the iPhone 5S by 43% in India to Rs 24,999 ($370). The company may be looking to clear inventory ahead of the launch of a 4" iPhone 6C…

Of course, SWKS sells to ALL the phone manufacturers, not just Apple.




Hi Saul:

Just last week, you seemed to have said that you’ve increased your stake in SKWS even if you have already a big stake in it. Are you not worried to repeat the BOFI mistake? i.e. been caught up with a large portion in one stock while a rather sudden string of bad news hits it and drag it down? Or maybe I should re-state: you could have been caught but you have not. You bailed at above $100 pre-split. You were lucky.
Now that APPL iphone sales are slowing, SKWS stock has been trending down in sympathy. Are you worried and reacting to this news?


Now that APPL iphone sales are slowing…

This is just what some sources are saying, right? Isn’t this a fear brought up almost every quarter before iphone sales continue to do well?

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