Just want to thank you for the heads-up re SNDK.

Your close contact in the market (via your husband) is very valuable. And much appreciated. I joined you at 86.81 in early May & it hit 100 last week. 15+% so far.

Thoughts going forward?


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I still have my position. The new product is not even being installed yet. He is sure he will be selling a lot of it within the servers he sells.

For a long time storage has been separate from servers, and shared among servers but my husband believes that we are on the cusp of what he calls “shared nothing”. Servers with have storage in the “box” and they will not share that storage with other servers.

from the conference call: I will now turn to forward-looking commentary. Our second quarter revenue forecast is $1.550 billion to $1.625 billion, and our full year revenue forecast remains unchanged at $6.4 billion to $6.8 billion. In terms of product mix across the rest of 2014, we expect the strongest growth from both embedded solutions and enterprise SSDs. We expect that our embedded sales mix will gain relative to SSD mix as our iNAND solutions continue to gain momentum and with some expected shift in demand mix from the previously-mentioned major customer towards custom embedded solutions.

Most people know Sandisk from camera cards. But we are looking at a huge market in embedded enterprise (huge customers, my husband’s team of three sales people had a 100 million dollar quota per year). And those servers are replaced about every 2.5-3 years with new equipment.