Sneaky secret about the increase in Logo 3-pointers in Basketball

It used to be that team logos fit inside the jump ball circle. Now some teams are making their center court logos much larger, so that it’s a shorter distance to the basket. {{ LOL }}



The writer didn’t supply any numbers to support his ‘shorter distance to the basket’ thesis, and it is hard to compare the two images of the Grizzlies’ court.

Is there some data?


It’s 18 feet from center court to the 3 pt line. The jump ball circle at half court is 12 ft in diameter, 6 ft radius, leaving 12 ft to the 3 pt line.

The edge of the red paw on that new , larger Memphis Grizzles logo looks about 5 ft from the 3 pt circle, versus 12 ft if the logo was contained within the center court jump circle. That would make a Memphis “Logo 3” 28’-9" from the basket.

Today the NBA records the distance from the basket for every shot taken. If there were going to compile statistics for “Logo 3’s”, they’d need a standard measurement - maybe everything beyond 33 or 34 feet is a “Logo 3”.


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I doubt this could be true, doesn’t the NBA have strict regulations regarding court distances?

Even if this were true, would it make any difference? Both teams play on the same court and even switch sides midway through the game. If there is any advantage/disadvantage, it should accrue to both teams roughly equally.

NOTE: I didn’t even open the article before commenting. An old Internet tradition.

NOTE2: Now I read it. Literally makes no difference at all other than PR and marketing. Money makes the world go round.


Shouldn’t this be OT?
I’m not seeing much economic impact…

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For Steph Curry, it doesn’t matter. The dude is basically in range after crossing half court.

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The entire thing is tongue-in-cheek. Good fun.

Steph needs to adjust his shot a little bit. LOL

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