SNOW conference Jun 26-29

SNOW is having its user conference in Las Vegas later this month. The keynote is a fireside chat with Frank Slootman (CEO) and Jensen Huang (CEO of NVDA). Could be that’s there’s just a lot of relevance of AI to SNOW or could it be that they will make some sort of announcement.



Snowflake announced today, Snowflake’s official launch of their Government and Education Data Cloud.

Today, government agencies deal with disparate and siloed data that can impact real-time decision making. Securely exchanging information and collaborating with data remains a key focus area and a fundamental challenge for the majority of government agencies. As a result, many agencies share data ad hoc and must physically move their data, which can increase risk of exposure. Similarly, educational institutions frequently struggle to unify institutional data, including institutional research, student retention, human resources, finance, and student services data, as they manage data demands with their limited IT resources. In short, organizations across government and education frequently struggle to fully leverage the wealth of data their organizations possess to improve citizen and student outcomes. These challenges come at a time when the White House is encouraging digital transformation efforts and more data sharing between the public and private sectors.

VentureBeat already wrote an article about it-
Just like the previous industry clouds, the government and education data cloud from Snowflake brings three different elements together: the company’s core cross-cloud data platform to consolidate structured, semi-structured and unstructured data; its own and partner-delivered prebuilt solutions; and industry-specific datasets.

I’m adding this here because, despite this adding more potential revenue for Snowflake, perhaps because I maintain a healthy 17% allocation in Snowflake, I didn’t want my adding an additional thread to seem like I’m pumping the stock.

I do believe in Snowflake, clearly. But, daily volume seems to have leveled off presently and their last ER related numbers weren’t any reason to add at this time, IMO.




I’ll be there!! Really looking forward to it.

I think the Government Cloud piece is important. They’re working on getting FedRAMP high.