SNOW - Hadoop to Snowflake Migration

I just received this sales email from a third-party company selling Hadoop to Snowflake migration services.

Dear XXXX,

I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent on October 5th about How you can move beyond Hadoop?

In that email, I promised to show you how you can migrate from Hadoop to Snowflake in just a few clicks to achieve high performance and low latency. I want to fulfill it right away. We summarized our accelerator capabilities in a data sheet to save your time. You can download the datasheet for free with out providing any information.

No Information Required - Click & Download…

The accelerator will help you if you are facing difficulties with data reliability, inflexible clusters and low productivity. Leverage our accelerator to replace Hadoop with Snowflake to save acquisitions cost, better scalability and achieve 90% effort reduction in data migration.

If this is something of your interest, I would like to suggest a quick call to discuss further on our capabilities.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to a great partnership in your cloud migration journey.

What I found interesting was that there is enough business out there for third-party companies to send out spam sales emails, create marketing materials, and put resources behind a campaign to get people to switch from Hadoop to Snowlflake. That surprised me.

The Hadoop market size was valued at $ 26.74 billion in 2019. It’s an open-source project that’s been the leader in the big data for many years.