Software Engineer's Anecdote: Elastic

Elastic is on my watchlist, and my ears perked up when I got this email from one of our software engineering VP’s. The head of application security at my company (which is a fortune 100 company with thousands of software engineers), said that we will be hosting an educational webinar for Elastic, and all potential stakeholders are invited.

He said “our experience has been significantly good with ELK and we wanted to share this with everyone”. Naturally, I signed up. It hasn’t happened yet - it’s gonna be on Elastic basics: dashboards, visualizations, their UI, data exploration, Kibana, and reporting results.

Anyway, that’s the end of the anecdote. I was already on the fence about Elastic - I used to own it and sold it when Saul sold it due to its increasing unprofitability, which I still think is a good reason not to buy it. The bull case might be too powerful though, which is best presented by Bert in this article from a few weeks ago:…

I am also in agreement with PaulWBryant’s post that Elastic probably has more “bounce capability” than other SAAS companies, because it still hasn’t commented publicly on how covid has effected it :…

I will probably be taking a small starter position back in Elastic.