Solar Edge, possibly an interesting opportunity

Enphase was panned yesterday by an analyst because SEDG has been eating their lunch. They were down 25% at one point yesterday and are still down over 15%. Some computers saw that and just read it as sector weakness. “If Enphase is down, we should sell SolarEdge too” (not knowing or apparently caring that the reason ENPH is down is that SEDG is doing so well). So SEDG is down a little today too. This might be an opportunity for informed investors.



This might be an opportunity for informed investors. - Saul

Perhaps in the interest of serving your many followers well, you might mention the following:

Solaredge Technologies Downgraded by Zacks to Hold (SEDG)

Zacks cut shares of Solaredge Technologies(NASDAQ:SEDG) from a strong-buy rating to a hold rating in a report published on Tuesday, ARN reports.

Or how 'bout this:

Short Interest in Solaredge Technologies Increases By 41.6% (SEDG)

Solaredge Technologies (NASDAQ:SEDG) was the recipient of a significant growth in short interest during the month of September. As of September 30th, there was short interest totalling 1,799,054 shares, a growth of 41.6% from the September 15th total of 1,270,410 shares, Marketbeat reports. Approximately 14.0% of the shares of the company are short sold.

Or how 'bout the fact that as I write this…ENPH is UP 8.3% and SEDG is DOWN 2.7%.

But, hey, I don’t much care. I never considered the share price tussle between ENPH and SEDG as some sorta binary contest. I believe both companies can fare well (though I prefer ENPH). Some folks wanna make this some sorta pi$$ing match. I don’t roll that way.