Sold $ARRY trade for 10-11% gain, Sold $FSLR trade for about 3% gain

A lot is going on here at the Magic Ranch.

More later.

The hospital called me today and we’re definitely moving the installation of my port into my chest for time-release of chemo/radiaton drugs here at the hacienda. Which means fewer trips to Key West clinics and the hospital. Instead of five 15-minute visits a week, it will be 3 visits. One 90 minute appointment weekly, and two of the 15-minute treatments. Three a week til sometime in January.

Time release also means I can work around the Christmas off-time. Brilliant!

Which means I am not stressing, showering, shaving, dressing, putting on street clothes, rushing to arrive on time, and walking into crowded waiting rooms where sometimes there are no chairs to sit. And I give my chairs to people in worse condition than I, like I got nothing wrong. I just have a higher tolerance for pain than anyone I know. So, I don’t mind standing, weakly, when I see guys and gals younger than me, shaved heads, pajamas on sometimes, no one with them, slip into waiting rooms like ghosts.

I’m like a volunteer patient advocate when I go downtown. But I prefer to be here in the jungle.

Somebody on this board recently commented on how cancelled appointments are the norm today and sure enough, surgeons called me today and rescheduled my appointment for Monday’s port operation tomorrow. I’m definitely up for that! Should be a breeze. Local anesthetic, as that is cool, I want to see how they put this thing in.

(Tip for the sick: Let the person in charge of the office know that you can react to cancelled appointments and fill them so time is not wasted. Just give me a one or two-hour advance notice. This guy wants to move more quickly on this.)

Also, the best news in about two months washed over our cabin in the jungle last night. More about this fortunate move on all us last night.

So I just sold $ARRY for 10.43% and $FSLR for 3%. (I might re-enter $FSLR with a smaller position later today. We’ll see. Should I do that, I’ll set stop/losses.)

Running late. Need to check on other trades, set stop/losses, as I won’t be able to trade tomorrow. I’m told the first drugs will fill me with nausea. I don’t know. I don’t throw up often. And I’m dealing with the pain my way, with THC mixed with CBN, and through experimentation, I have those dosages mixed perfectly to knock back the never ending pain. I know its there. The pressure to relieve myself which sometimes means 3 trips to the bathroom in one-hour, now, that’s receding into the past with visits back to hourly, bi-hourly, or every 3-4 hours.

I had my longest sleep since Spring 2022 last night. I’ll explain how that blessed event happened and what is responsible for my Emotional Rescue.



Oh yeah, I doubled that small nibble on $KOLD from yesterday. Carrying a 4.46% gain at this moment.

Please don’t ever play this inverse of $BOIL if you don’t know charts and money-management for short-term trading. Please don’t lose money something like this, a 3x fund.

I must have been oblivious, PT… I didn’t realize you’re on chemo. I hope it’s effective and that your reactions/pain levels are minimized. For me, nothing is more miserable than nausea. And I found it a blessing that my kidney cancer was resolved with just surgery. No chemo or radiation.

As for the market, I’m holding off on ANY action until I see the market reaction to today’s Fed proclamation. I’m about 75% cash right now and being extremely cautious now that I barely have two shekels to rub together… can’t afford bad surprises. That being said, I’m about 10% TMDX.

And your ARRY doesn’t look bad either… :slight_smile:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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How did these solar trades slip by me the past 3 months. I know I played $ARRY once before - recently - for a decent win. And then I moved onto whatever was hot next day. Is there anybody on Fool who knows Solar like the poster hohum knows the $BDI and shipping?

I might buy back into $ARRY if it fades back to around where it opened this morning. I don’t know what their recent quarterly news is like, so I guess I need to check in with it, $FSLR, and maybe that ETF $TAN. Looking at this $ARRY chart, I might buy calls later should be break to a new 52-week High. Solar must have quietly made some big sales in the past 90 days, despite what’s going on at Tesla Solar. I will say I am reading and seeing photographic evidence of botched solar jobs on people’s roofs done by firms other than Tesla.

Look at $TAN, the solar ETF. Strong looking setup. Could move hard to the upside to try a new 52-Week HIGH. If it breaks above its wedge’s down trendline, we might well see that.

Also, $TAN has outperformed 99% of all ETFs. That’s a very encouraging looking chart for an entire sector.

Something good going on in the sunshine. Let’s call in the hounds and sniff out the stories:

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You will also want to add Enphase to the watch list.
I am also watching jinko, shoals, sunpower, sunnova, Dq, and canadian solar.
With the IRA giving solar 10 years of tax credits, it,s a freeway on ramp for these stocks to grow. Not to the moon buta nice drive up to the right.

Fist bump to anyone who survives this shite. :fist_right::fist_left:

Got a question about your nausea, was it pre-op, post-op, or both? Damn, kidney huh? I haven’t met a kidney cancer patient yet. Lot of breast cancer and lung cancer. I cannot believe in this day and age we still have people who smoke in America! And don’t get me started on Florida bars where smoking is prohibited because the bar does not sell food. I tried to convince the owner of my last club to go all smoke-free. He’s a coward. Worried about being the only bar in town with such enforcement, you know, too much Socialism creep. Meanhile, the biggest bar in town, started selling so much food, the state forced them to become smoke free. The CEO was worried about how it would affect business and was kicking around ideas such as sidewalk tables, a whole new building for diners, dining on the roof, etc. Turns out he need not worry. People flocked to his bar at night even though they don’t serve meals after 10 PM right? You can turn on the street camera and watch patrons come out, smoke a ciggy, than sneak back into the bar.
Real life demo. And my bar owner - who bravely tried out many of my wild ideas - rengeged on this one. He has a store on property. Sells cigars and cigarettes. And the same is sold at the 17 bars on property.

Enough Key West digression.

Yeah, this is a time where I’ve been very carefully using trading gains to buy dividend paying ETFs built on solid value and dividend paying stocks.

I watch loads of videos on youtube which I never post here as I am “in the moment” for say a water break. Then I turn off everything. Think. Fall asleep. Think upon wakening. Fall asleep.

Youtube has been an inspiration for my trading and I will share with you some pessimism and optimism:

  1. Jeremy Grantham, Muhammad El-Erian, Micheal Burry, and a few other guys I started following more heavily when COVID hit are all singnaling that these markets have a future downturn - as big as the last at least - staring us in the face. I would like to provide transripts or notes of their videos, but, I’m so swamped with my own trading that much of what I learn would slow me down should I properly provide notes. Maybe not. Maybe just threads with all these guys names and just post the videos? That might be the ticket.

  2. Also, when the goldhounds come out and harp about crypto going to zero and gold is going to outperform everything, then we know a big change is upon us - whether up or down we’ll just have to buy a ticket for the ride.

  3. Of the permabears, Granthan has offered some sage advice: he postulated the markets need to fall back to a PE of 13, and at the moment, we’re still at 21. Grantham, however, has issued a tip the others are not looking at: emerging economies. He thinks India, some China, a bit of Turkey, and a lot of South America and Central America will outperform Western markets going forward.
    With that in mine, I’ll hit this board later this week with two or three (I think its three) ETFs with ginormous yields. And these yields come from six continents and are in everything from mining, oil, natgas, consumer persishables, cars, etc. A very good mix of the planet’s best companies be they Hyundai in South Korea, TSM in Taiwan, etc. All of these etfs (they are all monthly dividend payouts) have been in business for 5 to 15 years except one. None of them have a fee over .50% which is lower than most mutual funds. Lastly, they are not “actively” managed, like some jackwagon is not trying to trade us to wealth. They buy the best performing stocks, most all are profitable, and you simply do one thing:

Dollar Cost Averaging.

That’s it. Takes the stress out of investing. In fact you can invest right along with me and we only compare our ports once a year. I started on June 1st. Started small. Then asked myself "If the markets go down another 25-50% how do I preserve my winning capital from trades when the stocks I’ve been playing are tech?

Listening to Grantham and El Erian more than most market mavens I’ve readjusted my trading to swing for singles and doubles in safe setups of all sectors. Then take the profits from winning trades. Then turn around and dump a certain amount of $$$ every Friday into 8 monthly dividend paying ETFs, one REIT, and two stocks which are outside most etfs: $AMLP and $CWH.

In fact, since June, I have had so many winning trades I sometimes dump money two or three times weekly into these 11 monthly dividend payers. (Okay, two of them are not monthly payouts, $AMLP and $CWH, but those are steady in this cramped economy. (The $CWH CEO, Marcus Lemonis, sneaks us a “special dividend” when we least expect it. And I’m not only buying the CEO, I am buying a company which is not making sense. People predicted a crash in RV sales, just like housing. That’s not happening. In fact, more people are saying, “Hang that, I’m selling the home and buying an RV.” Which my eldest sister just texted me last night.)

Pretend for moment, Rob, that you want more time in your life that is stress free, that you don’t want to become a daytrading slave like me. No problem. (I’m working on a new daytrading where I only trade the open and close. It’s a learning curve for sure, but, it’s paying off.) You got cash still after you cut loose some big losers? Well, did you sink $10, or $100, or $1000 into everyone of your stocks which pay monthly dividens? No. Because your stocks are not paying monthly dividends.

Think about it. Dollar cost averaging 52-Weeks a year, sometimes buying 2 or three times a week (I love adding on huge red days.)

Not only would you have a minimum stress situation, you’d spend less time at this AND making this all the sweeter: the dividends paid out monthly are reinvested. Keep a small notebook. Write down the date the dividend pays out, the amount per share (some of these monthly payers are different on all 12 payments in one-year.

So think like a true high schooler try out. Pick one of these monthly dividend payers. Or pick them all. Think Small. Just do $10 at a time. Every Friday. Within 3 months you’re going to have a new look on the markets becaise you are going to start looking at all DOWN days as bargain days wjere you don’t have to individually bargain hunt. What Tesla is down 10% and it is a big holding in the eft? And the etf only went down 1-3%? You got the etf taking care of business. And it’s all done without onerous fees, or taxes you’d have to normally file for any LP. etc.

This is simple, extremely simple. So simple it got my wife finally interested in investing. Watching the monthly dividends every week (they don’t all pay the same week of every months) grow is such a rush, and with 11 issues, there’s always a week where I watch the reinvested dividends grow at a faster clip because of that weekly blind addition of $$$ AND the exponential growth in reinvested dividends.

Okay the list:

$CWH and $AMLP (the leaders in their fields and they are well positioned to continue growth as one is moving into more subscription featuers, while the other is positioned beautifully for moving gas, ammonia, gasoline, oil, natural gas, etc., across country from the oil fields to storage tanks and the folks needing all of the above to leave refineries.


$CWH and $AMLP pay out quarterly

$BMRK - the only REIT, just bought into after the recent drop of .07 cents monthly to .35 cents monthly.

Now the 8 monthly paying dividend stocks, in pictures.

Find the June 1 mark. Follow the ups and downs pretend you added $100 to every issue on a Friday since. Many of these are now green in a very read market.

Hit the link here to find out more on payment history. Then go to to find out what each symbol contains in its portfolio.

That said, 8 pictures of simple investing through weekly additions of $$$ and the monthly reinvestment of dividends from these etfs:

$BMRK daily and weekly charts (the worst looking charts of the bunch and you may not want to play this as I am not sure this business is what I thought it was.)

$DHS daily and weekly charts

$DIV daily and weekly charts



From other occasions, such as food poisoning and flu… years ago. Didn’t have any issue with recovering from anesthesia for example.

That’s worth some thought this week!..

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.