Some updated products from Apple have been released

Essentially spec bumps of existing products - New M2 iPad Pro, iPad 10, & Apple TV. See New M2 iPad Pro, iPad 10, & Apple TV Released

[ EDIT: ok, the new iPad now has a full screen display, so that’s an improvement! ]

This makes me wonder just what Apple will be releasing at their next event on Oct 25. Just new macs and new iPhone SE?

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I’m hoping an updated Mac Mini. My 2018 Intel Mini is getting long in the tooth.

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Would you be happy with just a spec bump to an M2? Not much more they can do with the form factor I would think, except maybe make it even smaller.

Ha! I’m still using one from 2011. Barely hanging on, I admit, and finding less and less functionality, but I’m one of those who waits until they pry the Mac from my cold dead hands, to paraphrase Charley Heston.

(Also, hardly need it anymore with iPads on every level of the house and Alex and OKGoogle to keep my company.)