Something to share!

One of our relatively new board members sent this email to Bear, one of our assistant board managers, when Bear was wrestling with someone who was being obnoxious, disruptive, argumentative, and generally difficult to our efforts in keeping the board on track. I thought I should share it with you.

“Thank you for what you do. Imagine getting invited to a dinner party by the coolest people you have ever met and then walking into their house with filthy shoes and spilling red wine all over their brand new white carpet, and then criticizing THEM, and talking back to THEM, when they get frustrated with you. I cannot believe people take this board for granted. This board is like a secret tropical white sand beach hidden within a filthy disgusting industrial wasteland. It’s sad to see people come here and (try to) ruin the party. No matter what any one individual says, I am sure it is clear to the vast majority of people that this recent behavior by some visitors is out of control and needs to be reined in. I, for one, thank you for what you do and encourage you to keep it up. I would not be able to control myself, personally, and I think you and the other moderators have gone out of your way to be respectful. Thanks again.”

It’s a hard job that we have given ourselves, but getting an email like that makes it all worth while.