A sampling of emails I have received...

I am including here a sampling of a dozen emails from those that I have received in the past few days after this latest attempt at disruption of the board. Bolding is mine, and I have shortened some of the emails and slightly edited some for clarity and brevity, and have removed identifying details. I am keeping the senders’ names private. These are all people that I don’t know and haven’t corresponded with before. They are thanking me and the other regular posters for what we have done to change their lives for the better. I can’t answer all the emails I have received individually but I appreciate them all.

  1. Saul, For the past 3 years I’ve allowed my big life decisions to be based on my life’s goals instead of having to base them around financial feasibility. The sole reason for this is you, Saul, as well as the multitude of amazing board members who brought such quality content to the board…. It is really quite sad to see that so many posters that post now seem to ignore the fundamentals of the board, but it’s even sadder to see that it comes from a complete ingratitude to you and to other gracious board posters. And, it seems to me that the regular posters have recognized this and may have decided to join together in a different forum to avoid the ingratitude. I just wanted to make sure that you realize that those ingrateful are just 1% of the overwhelming majority of people that have gained tremendously from what you’ve done over these years, and are incredibly thankful for that. Thank you, Board Member

  2. Hey Saul, I am glad you are tuff and super patient with the board overall. It has been a great learning place for me and I have made some big improvements in my investing philosophy since visiting many years back. Please let the moderators and other great posters know I appreciate all that they do. I hope you are all getting some silent support while the board goes a bit wonky during this down turn in the market. Thank you, Board Member

  3. Thank you Saul! In response to your ‘quit this bickering’ statement I wanted to say ‘Amen, and thanks to you and the board managers’. I believe most of us see the current back and forth as noise, and are looking for and appreciate the meaningful content. We take personal responsibility for our investment decisions. It matters not whether we agree on everything, the useful discussion about these companies is helpful information on our long term investment journey. I believe that’s the purpose for many of us… But I digress… Thank you Saul! And to the board managers and great posters, all! Cheers, Board Member

  4. Hi Saul, I just want to say thank you for what you do. I am definitely one of the “quiet” board members. Like everybody, I have made my share of investment mistakes and will certainly continue to do so. That’s no reason to cry. I am tempted to post: “This is a board for grown-ups. If you can’t handle a storm, don’t go out to sea. Fair weather or not”. Nobody has enjoyed the last 9 or such months and I have no idea how much longer the malaise is going to last - I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a couple of years to get out of this slump. So be it. We still breathe and hopefully enjoy life in many other ways…So what am I grateful for? Mainly that you don’t give up despite all the noise. For sharing what you learned and how you invest. For fostering a community of smart people exchanging ideas. For pointing out things that don’t add up. I hope you are around for a long time. Keep changing sails when necessary, and stay the course, captain. Smoother sailing will come. It always does. Best regards, Board Member

  5. Hi Saul, I’m eternally grateful for your teachings. You are one of the few persons I consider a Maestro and I think that is the most that a human being could aspire to in life. Thank you very much. Board Member

  6. Saul, Like others (but unfortunately not all), I understand completely that the knowledge you’re willing to share is offered up freely. I appreciate the fact that you post openly and respectfully (well most of the time lol). No doubt this is a rough stretch, but you have shown class and honesty…. I’m 61 now, and last October I was planning on retirement in June 2023. That has changed because I stayed fully invested, about 60% in high growth and 40% in established tech and more “conservative” stocks. I understood fully the risks, but as an engineer, enjoyed the challenge and understood the statistics. What you have done was simply amazing, but even more amazing the time frame you did it. I never planned on 2020 results, just the old-fashioned compounded interest that builds over time. So please keep posting as your health allows. I appreciate the way you think! Best wishes. Board Member

  7. Saul. Don’t apologize for deleting “xxxx" that does not merit being on the board you created and graciously share with me and so many others! I have been following your board for almost two years and have gained so much insight into investing with only one caveat, why didn’t I find your board years earlier! I know it is crazy to be down over 50% this year and not really worry, but that is the confidence that I have gained from reading and applying some of the tools and information provided on this board to my investing strategy. I own companies that I feel will survive and prosper in the coming months and years and with this confidence, I sleep soundly at night! Thank you and many others on the board for your help in getting me to this point. Who knows, one of these days I might even get to the point that I can post a helpful, insightful, valuable message :slight_smile: Board Member

  8. Hi Saul, I just want to say it is tough doing what you do, having to listen to people gripe because THEY chose to follow this board. There was no solicitation on anyone’s part for them to join your board! …They need to start accepting responsibility for the decisions they make not only here but also going through life. Just please stay the course Thank You! Board Member

  9. Hi Saul, so you are a human after all :slight_smile: You are my favorite old man! What you do for the community is amazing… And it is not just your help on this board… but you have created an example of how to be helpful, and thus become a role-model for so many of us… And some of us go out and help other organizations… that’s compounding :slight_smile: … Please keep up the great work, and may you live long enough so I could get rich… I am willing to get rich slowly just for that!

  10. Saul – I’m not a frequent poster, but like many, I am very interested in what you say and you are an inspiration to me. I hate when I see snarky comments. You don’t deserve them at all. Thanks for your tireless efforts to share your knowledge, which I feel is very valuable. I can’t say my record is stellar, but I am getting by and given this has been a tough market and the investments that your board discusses are significantly discounted, I feel there is much opportunity out there if I stay the course and do my “due diligence”. But, I want to thank you so much for your tireless effort and personal courage in sharing your knowledge. Board Member.

  11. Saul, So happy to have found this board a few years ago. Your expertise and generosity make it an invaluable resource. Thanks to you and many other contributors. I look forward to all of your monthly summaries. Please continue. Board Member

  12. Hi Saul, I want to say thank you for starting and moderating this board. You don’t have to do it, and I have learned so much. Ignore the naysayers. They are just keyboard warriors… All the best and hope you are staying healthy. Board Member


Dear Saul,

There are those on this board that continually make contributions and those that primarily lurk. I fall somewhere in between, having often posted around earnings in the past and hardly at all in the recent past.

I felt compelled to respond to the your post, because I have a feeling that you shared your direct communication with board members to show that there are quite a few people that greatly value how you deal with posts on your board.

Here is a personal statistic that I’d like to share with you: Of all the sources of information that I access, regardless of where they originate, I spend, by far, more time on your board than I do on any other information source available.

Having said that, I feel like I haven’t been pulling my weight lately. But more importantly, what this means is that you and the group of regular posters on this message board take up more space in my life than anything else outside of my immediate family.

When I think about this, I am even more in awe of what you have created here.

If Tim Tok is valued at about $100 billion, your board’s valuation is priceless!

Thank you and all of the others that continually post and make this board the most valuable source of information available on the internet.

That said, I will do my best to add at least some value to the board after the next earnings cycle.