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If you have any question about how SWKS is doing, you might take a listen to their presentation yesterday afternoon at the Raymond James Conference. Their level of confidence compared to their level of worry seems about 100 to 0.

The conference is about 28 minute long and there is a slide deck. If you have an investment in Skyworks, it’s well worth listening to.

Hi Saul,

First I have to say I think I’m getting a better education on investing here on this board than in all of MF put together, so thank you all for that. It’s truly remarkable.

Um, Saul, the link you posted above took me to a MF article about 4 losers in the S7 teardown, with no mention of SWKS at all. I found this…, but if you have something better, I’d love to see a link to it.

BTW, I’ve been reading and re-reading the KB – Thank you Saul and Neil and any/everyone else who helped to put it together – and working my way though this board from sometime in 2015 to this point. Only a couple of weeks behind now! I feel like I’m earning an advanced degree!

Many thanks to all,

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The presentation will be webcast live and archived for replay for one week following the conference on the “Investor Relations” section of Skyworks’ website at

Hi Jackson, Welcome to the board, and thanks for the kind words. The SWKS presentation at Raymond James was only archived for a week unfortunately. Sorry.

By the way, Jackson, in your post you put Q’s in the brackets. You need to put i if you want italics and b if you want bold.

Ah, thanks Saul. I was trying to indicate a quotation.

Ah, thanks Saul. I was trying to indicate a quotation.

Quotes are usually put in italics (as I have done above). You start it with this and end with this , but you use i instead of x.