South Africa does the impossible?

Remember back in 2021, when the mRNA vax companies (Moderna, Pfizer, etc) said that they couldnt help developing countries produce vaccines because developing countries didn’t have the expertise to run mRNA fabs?
due to the complexity of the manufacturing process.
Moderna coyly released its spike protein structure in response to critiics.

Has the tech escaped, and is naturalizing in the developing countries?

Reuters Feb 3.
In world first, S.Africa’s Afrigen makes mRNA COVID vaccine using Moderna data…

The vaccine candidate would be the first to be made based on a widely used vaccine without the assistance and approval of the developer. It is also the first mRNA vaccine designed, developed and produced at lab scale on the African continent.

“If this project shows that Africa can take cutting edge technology and produce cutting-edge products, this will banish this idea that Africa can’t do it and change the global mindset … this can be a game-changer,”

“We haven’t copied Moderna, we’ve developed our own processes because Moderna didn’t give us any technology,” Petro Terblanche, managing director at Afrigen, told Reuters.

Uh oh.


The tort lawyers claiming patent infringement attack in 3…2…1…