SpaceX Horse Barter Agreement Gone Bad…

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk denied a sexual assault claim from a former flight attendant, whom the company reportedly paid $250,000 as part of a severance agreement in 2018.

The attendant worked on a contract basis in the cabin crew for SpaceX’s corporate jet fleet. She accused Musk of exposing his erect penis to her, rubbing her leg without consent, and offering to buy her a horse in exchange for an erotic massage, according to Business Insider.



36 hours ago the allegations were coming to light. 24 hours ago Musk denied them and changed parties.

That was not politically motivated it was back in 2016. The payout was in 2018.

Musk is not really doing anything political with this either. Meaning the axe to grind is being a divorced male with the other divorced males on one side of the room v the ladies mostly on the other side of the room. The anger is so charming, sarcasm.

Musk continues to sell EV to ICE guys. Nothing really ever changes.

36 hours ago the allegations were coming to light.

The horse barter agreement came to light because SpaceX filed for an employee stock tender offer that would value SpaceX at $125 Billion. Disclosing any legal settlements or ongoing litigation is part of the offering prospectus.…

Investors are in talks to buy new shares in the company at the same time that employees are offering to sell shares via a private placement at the same valuation, the people said. It’s not uncommon for secondary share sales at big private companies to be done concurrently with a regular funding round.

The shares are being offered in a so-called employee tender offer at $70 each, the people said. That compares with a split-adjusted $56-a-share during a sale in October at a valuation of about $100 billion.

It’s unclear whether Musk is selling stock as part of the employee tender, the people said. The size of the offering couldn’t immediately be determined.