Spacex shares tendered for $97 ea

Spacex now valued at $180B.

You wonder if it will IPO one day.

Would you buy a stock that plans to send people to Mars?

Will there be quarterly or monthly dividends?


Based on the Martian year. That is where they will be “working”–right?


It is our only hope for survival of the species.


Almost certainly not.

Just finished reading an entertaining book on the subject of space colonization, with a particular focus on Mars. Pop sci, but well researched.

The TL;DR version is that we’ll probably never colonize Mars or anywhere else within any time frame that is relevant to solving/facing problems here on earth, with a side argument that the effort to colonize any celestial body probably decreases (rather than increases) the chances of humanity surviving due to the increased odds of international conflict.


Depends. Who are we sending? :grinning:



I’m about half-way through. Eye-opening to say the least. So many areas never discussed or brought up in the whole conversation about living in space or on another planet! Everyone should read this and realize this is our planet and we really need to be doing better by it!



As “Jeff Sinclair” put it.


Our only hope is to take better care of the planet we’re already aboard, which is why my long-term prognosis is dire.

However I think we will have the ability to seed other parts of the universe before our demise. We’ll never see it in action, of course, it will take tens of thousands, perhaps millions of years for the delivery, not to mention the spread of the life, but it can be done. In fact I’m quite sure it’s the only way.


Completely disagree. Think for a moment what life on Mars would have to be like for humans to thrive. We know we humans need exposure of certain wavelengths of light especially in the morning. Sunlight on Mars is very weak, and diffuse from dust. So we’ll have to live under artificial lights. This however, is the least of our problems.

Mars has some water but not very much. How do we fix this except by importing water from Earth or somewhere else?

Mars has almost no atmosphere, and what little it does have has almost no oxygen. So we’ll have to make our own atmosphere and live under artificial pressure. That means our structures will have to be pressure vessels. That’s more difficult and adds points of failure.

Our pressure vessels have another problem: Mars is cold, so they’ll need a lot of heat. That means we need lots of energy. Where does that come from? The Martian sun is weak and dust storms can last for months. Do we mine uranium for nuclear reactors? Does Mars even have recoverable amounts of uranium?

And those are the easy problems. Do human embryos form properly in low G? Will our bones, muscles, heart, brains, and digestive systems develop and work property in a life of low G?

We’re increasingly learning that our immune systems need to be stressed when we’re children in order to develop properly. How does that work on Mars? Do we bring diseases with us on purpose?

I’m just scratching the surface of the practical problems. What about the intangibles? Most people like seeing green forests and fields, feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, hearing birds chirping at dawn, the sound of the ocean and wind in the trees, the crunch of walking on newly fallen snow. On Mars you can’t go hiking, camping, surfing, or skiing. You can’t go for a stroll in the woods or putter in the garden.

Even if we could live on Mars, do we want to? Mars is not Plan A. Mars is Plan B. Earth is Plan A.


A Great series - and he was excellent in the role; didn’t really like that change!


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Only if you grow up with (some of) those. If you don’t, then you will have other experiences that likely would not be available on Earth. And those “non-Earth experiences” will be the memories remembered.

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Apparently, O’Hare had some mental stability issues that manifested themselves during production of the first season. Delenn has no problem getting over him, and getting squishy with Sheridan, indicating that switch was not anticipated when JMS wrote the multi-season story arcs.

Then Warner threw JMS a curve and cancelled the show one year short of the planned conclusion of the story arcs. At least they gave him enough lead time to wrap up the arcs. That’s why the fourth season rocks. So much going on, from overthrowing Clark to Mollari getting involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Emperor Cartagia, the plot to kill all telepaths, the Minbari civil war, and knocking off the shadows. Then another curve, when TNT picked it up for the fifth season, and JMS had used up all his material.

I have the box sets of all five seasons. Working my way through them over this winter, watching an ep each day as I pedal the exercise bike.

Some thoughtful person uploaded the music suite that is among the supplements on the DVDs.


No idea what was on Season 5 as I refuse to pay for cable TV. I am in a major market, so broadcast is fine.

There was an “underground railroad” going through the station that was moving rogue telepaths, a beat that had been used in the first or second season. Lyta Alexander got squishy with the charismatic leader of the telepaths. Eventually, Sheridan’s 20 year clock ran down and he died. The station was declared obsolete, abandoned and blown up.

The bald guy turning out the lights is JMS

Saw those episodes on broadcast.

I would worry about the returns. :smiley:

The Captain


You must have seen the fifth season somewhere along the line, because the station and Sheridan are around through the fifth season. Traci Scoggins was brought in as the Earthican commander of the station, because Sheridan was occupied with his planetary alliance thing. Scoggins was the worst station commander, by far. She appeared less and less as the season went on.

Have you noticed how many of the actors who played the major characters have died young?


If spacex was JUST starlink (or if starlink was their own company), I think it would be a good longterm asset to own.

Starlink is likely to be profitable (if it isn’t already) but I have my doubts that spacex can make money by trying to go to Mars - at least during my lifetime.

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It’s far out man.

I’d rather own crypto it is here on earth.