SQ down because of one analyst

The only thing I find when researching the SQ drop is Bloomberg alluding that an equity research firm called M Science trimmed their position.

Did I miss something? Seems like a huge buying opportunity.


Looked up M Science and it’s part of Leucadia


I’m keeping an eye on SQ and SWKS.

Thompson Reuters has as a Sell. Biggest negs on the report seem to be momentum and insider trading ($18M sold by one insider).

I’m like to pick some up.


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Down around 9% definitely seemed overdone.

I bought a few really short-term call options in my IRA (this Friday, $49 strike), high risk/reward (caveat emptor).


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Check out these ‘Saul stocks’ charts:


Check out these indices charts:


Is it a SQ thing? Or is it a market thing?


Did I miss something?


The Red Sea or the Sea of Red. :wink:

Denny Schlesinger

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