SQ - Is everyone settled down?

A while ago everyone was nervous and fearful of Sarah friar’s leaving SQ and Jack Dorsey’s current public perception.

While these had obvious impacts on the stock price in the short term. I don’t think they mean much to the long term success of the company.

Yahoo Finance
February 2, 2019
Breakouts Nextdoor CEO interview


After watching this video I feel confirmed that Jack Dorsey is still a solid leader and SQ is in good hands. Remember, he picked and interviewed her for the job at SQ - doesn’t this indicate he knows how to hire a good team? Does everyone still feel the same they had felt a few months ago?


As others have pointed out, the stock got ahead of itself at $100 and then the CFO resigned. But even had she stayed, over $100 was just too expensive.

I held through the drop and added 2x in the mid-50s. They got a new CFO who seems eminently qualified so I’m happy.

Still up over 50% in a year, pretty good…


Thanks for posting that. Friar gives a rousing endorsement of Dorsey and Square’s potential, and seems authentic. I was also watching him on the Joe Rogan podcast and find him to be an extremely thoughtful guy and unique character. I still don’t love that he devotes so much time to another company, especially one that is as gigantic and controversial as Twitter. But I have to agree, the doubts about his character - which I expressed vigorously - seem overblown. And the argument that he nailed it with Friar so deserves the benefit of any doubt with the new one is valid.

It’s funny how you either miss a company after a sale or have a nagging feeling in your gut that you got it wrong. I’m closer to the latter after selling. If I have had one flaw in my game it’s an itchy trigger finger. I am convinced holding winners is the single most important and hardest thing to do.