Wall street' take on Sarah's leaving fro

No much to add to Bear’s take,



there may be some impact on SQ until they fill that position or place another person to be the face of SQ on Wall street. Hopefully Wall Street will like this person just as much.

Not sure that would make much a difference in Square’s business in the longer run. Maybe this drop acerbated by the general down market could be a good buying opportunity.

what do you think?


I tripled my SQ holding today (granted I’d just opened a small nibble)… It’s a company I’ve decided I want to own, even with SF’s departure, and is still only a 1/2 position. I can add more if it turns the other direction or once the Street gets more comfortable with replacement.

I am not, however, a very big Dorsey fan… so take all of that with a side-eye batch of salt.

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