SQ Short Thesis

Somebody posted this on reddit the other day:


Seems like something righ out of Citron playbook. If I should sum up the main arguments.

Valuation is too high
I’m not quite buying it. In my mind the valuation maybe a bit high lately, but at worse the price may fall 15% if the investors get spooked by something. That’s not what I would worry about.

Their Capital business is risky
I’m also not convinced. Square is not holding the debt, just mediating loans between banks and SQ customers. The short says this will dry up in case of economic problems. Sure. But you might as well short the S&P 500 if you think the economy is going down. Good luck with that…

Square’s competition is rising out of the ashes
Ridiculous. Large corporations do not catch up with an upstart taking the market by the field. What they do is they buy the upstart…