Square: Was it a SHORT attack?

Was it a short attack or a regular analyst’s evaluation?

I had forgotten where I had found the actual BTIG short attack article. I rewound it. It was linked to on a regular Seeking Alpha news report. Here’s the link to the news report so you can see for yourself. Just click on downgrading from Neutral to Sell in the first page. It was put out to the general public for maximum circulation.


If that link doesn’t work for you, here’s the link to the article itself.


Regular analyst reports from for major firms are NEVER released in their entirety to the public! And certainly never immediately! The reports are for their private customers. All you’ll find is a notice that “Morgan Stanley cuts recommendation from X to Y.” But you don’t get to see the actual Morgan Stanley report unless you are a Morgan Stanley customer.

This report was dated the same day that it was released to the general public for maximum publicity. Sorry guys, but this was a short attack. BTIG didn’t put it out like this unless they already had a short position.



Would not ‘full disclosure’ be required in such a case?

Would not ‘full disclosure’ be required in such a case?

Don’t know, streina, but have you ever seen an analyst’s report linked to in its entirety on Seeking Alpha, and available to the general public on the day it was released? (except Citron)


Would not ‘full disclosure’ be required in such a case?

I’m not sure but I think that if you only trade for your own account you don’t have to. I looked at their website and it seems they are a “research” outfit, not a broker, nor a bank, nor a fund.

Denny Schlesinger