Where did all those posts go?

We just had to delete an entire thread which was giving away a recommendation from another newsletter. You just can’t do that! It’s not fair to the other newsletter and not fair to the subscribers who pay for the recommendations. Once it’s in the public domain (free on Seeking Alpha, for instance) then it’s fair game, or 30 days after publication for a recommendation from The Fool (it gives paid subscribers plenty of time to act on the recommendation), but this post was the very next day after the recommendation came out. That just isn’t right.


please let me suggest that it might be nice to consider going above and beyond this suggestion.

Revealing Bert’s private commentary hurts Bert, not Seeking Alpha.

Still, unveiling Seeking Alpha’s non-public articles is entirely inappropriate.

The “high road” is where you should be.

I’m shocked that a TMF poster would even hint at this type of revenge posting.

post tenebras lux
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