Hey guys I’m not sure if this is considered off topic or not but I just watched a “2019 bear market presentation” by stansberry research and wanted to know what you guys thought or have heard of porter stansberry and Jim Rogers? They are basically saying that with the increasing debt the next recession is going to be the worst one yet and that it’s going to be coming soon within the next year potentially. Are you guys concerned for a recession coming and how are you preparing?
Sorry I got worried watching it as I am new to investing and have only been in the market since 2018 and my portfolio isn’t flooded with gains right now to protect me. After being a premium subscriber to TMF services like rising stars I believe I was too diversified when I see that my best picks were the exact stocks you guys had honed in on and at that point it seems too late to redistribute everything to Our stocks on this board when they’re already so high and now we are seeing some fear in the market with the trade war

Thank you

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Fear sells. It’s got you hooked!

Denny Schlesinger


This is off-topic, so PLEASE NO answers to this post. Thank you.

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Rule number 1.

If you can see their lips moving, they are lying.

Rule number 2.

If they say that they can time the market, they are lying.

Rule number 3.

Using macro economics to time the market is the best way to make a small fortune. (Out of a big one)

Rule number 4.

Saul is only interested in making small fortunes into large ones.

Qazulight (Turn the TV off, put it on EBay, take the proceeds and buy AYX)


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