Starbucks CEO on China

Listen to this 4-minute interview from Starbucks CEO – Schultz (Aired this morning on NPR)

He is bullish on China’s economy and middleclass which is expected to grow over 600M in 10 years. He thinks the message we are getting from the media is more of propaganda than anything else. Only 6% of the population invests in the Chinese stock market and he is not seeing any slowing down on the ground. The consumer base economy is very robust and they are going expand to take advantage on this…

This speaks well for SWKS and SKX!!

Listen to the entire thing, it’s just 4 minutes.…



Thnx LegoAbs,

That was a pleasure to listen too. SBUX is by far my largest holding and a stock that I’m very confident will produce very solid returns for a very long time. I’ve owned them for 8 years now and they make up about 18% of my portfolio. I absolutely love following them as a company. They are innovators and they think outside the box. They just do things right. They are NOT perfect, but in the world of business, they are best in breed. They understand the most important thing in business, which is:

1)Customers need to be happy (They offer a good product and a nice environment in their stores)
2)Employees need to be happy (They offer free college classes in the US and now they are offering a “housing” stipend in China)
3)Shareholders need to be happy (They took a huge hit when Schultz left and the Great Recession occurred. But, over the last 7 years, not too many companies have performed better)

I do agree that the comments Schultz made should bode well for SWKS


long a lot of SBUX
long a lot less of SWKS (But i’ve been adding to SWKS at these prices)