Steppenwulf portfolio 2019

I gain so much from viewing everyone's portfolios - Saul's especially of course, but I
learn from everyone who posts (my best individual result came as a result of Putnid's post on ENPH).

I decided I have to at least post my annual results. **My over all gain this year was 63.13%**
Thanks all for the ideas and thought process that helped me get such a great result.

First of all, a little info about how I invest. 

  * I tend to buy and sell less often than most people on this board, I think.

  * I'm diversified into different types of stock. "Saul style" stocks make up only about half of my

  * I have a significant amount of value and dividend stocks.

  * I also buy speculative stocks. These are usually stocks that have had an extreme fall and
    are out of favour - they can be both growth and value stocks, and sometimes can be both at 
    the same time (at least in my mind).

  * I have some Gold and gold/silver miners. This seems prudent in the era of Trump, and provides me
    a source of money to invest in deals if there is a big drop over the whole market - "Buy when
    there is blood in the street - even if it is your blood"

  * Since I am a Canadian, and many of my accounts are in Canada, I choose Canadian companies when
    they are available, for tax and other reasons

  * Since I buy different styles, I think I have more stocks than most. I can manage this
    by only looking at my stocks when something significant happens - months have gone by when I
    barely glance at my portfolio.

**My current "Saul style" stocks**

Stock	Gain    Gain     Percent 
        2019    2018-now  of portfolio

MDB	**64.62%**	340.90%	24.19% - max confidence
TTD	**123.83%**	137.05%	7.96%  - great company
SHOP	**188.94%**	180.82%	6.09%  - great Canadian company
AYX	**3.06%**	3.06%	3.07%  - recent purchase after the drop
ESTC	**1.60%**	1.60%	2.95%  - I like the markets they are growing into
CRWD	**-7.24%**	-7.24%	2.85%  - recent purchase after much table pounding from people I respect

PVTL    **4.55%**   4.55%   0      - mistake, sold when they got bought back by Dell
VEEV    **57.485** 87.55   0      - great company, sold on strength, will consider buying on weakness
TEAM    **40.07%**  40.07%  0      - great company, but sold because it was high and there is too much

**My value and dividend stocks**

TEVA	**43.27%**	43.27%	4.50% - turn around value - I think the top generics drug maker isn't closing
VET	**20.12%**	20.12%	3.37% - very high yield Canadian oil stock
CVS	**33.90%**	33.90%	3.46% - dominant pharmacy with good yield
DIS	**27.19%**	27.19%	2.23% - part of my thesis on streaming revenue moving away from Netflix
T	**35.64%**	35.64%	3.18% - part of my thesis on streaming revenue moving away from Netflix
ABBV	**16.29%**	16.29%	3.47% - cheap biotech
DOC	**27.51%**	36.72%	3.13% - medical building REIT
ET	**6.59%**	11.92%	3.45% - high yield pipeline REIT
ENB	**36.41%**	36.41%	4.57% - high yield Canadian pipeline REIT
KMI	**44.39%**	44.39%	3.47% - high yield US/Canada pipeline REIT

Speculative stocks
ENPH    **431.1%**  457.14% 0%    - Sold taking big profit. Thanks Putnid. May look at buying on dip
KHC	**27.72%**	27.72%	4.98% - Too low for a Buffet stock - I expect him to help a turn around
M	**7.67%**	7.67%	2.66% - Retail is not going away 
CGC	**41.26%**	41.26%	3.23% - Cannabis fell and no one wanted to touch it - time to buy a bit
FIT     **27.59%**  27.59%  0.0%  - Bought on dip, sold on M&A to Google

Precious Metals
GOLD	**8.25%**	8.25%	3.43% - Canadian gold miner
AG	**22.85%**	22.85%	3.76% - Silver miner
BAR	**18.14%**	11.61%	~15% - Gold ETF - I keep Gold as a form of cash that usually goes up
                                   if the bottom falls away. I don't count it in my total investment