YTD results through 3/31/2017

Thanks to the folks that post their results, I decided it was time that I wrapped myself around my own results, analyze them, and share with our vibrant Saul community.

My portfolio is up 11.7% for the year.

I have a mixture of Saul style stocks and established companies that are favorites across the Motley Fool universe. I have owned NFLX since 2007, never sold, and it has grown to 20% of my total portfolio. I know that’s a lot and bit worrisome, and I haven’t figured out a better alternative. Sell some for cash? Sell some and redeploy to either an existing stock(s) or look for something new?

These ten entries represent ~59% of my portfolio. Currently, there are 49 holdings in my portfolio. Four of my holdings are not TMF recommendations: EBIX, MFA, LGIH, and ABMD. I appreciate the sharing of content, thoughts, and ideas. Let’s continue to have a great year! ~TracyK

NFLX 19.7%
Cash 8.5%
BRK-B 7.1%
AAPl 6.8%
GOOG/L 4.7%
SWKS 3.6%
MFA 3%
BWLD 2.3%
VEEV 1.9%