$STLA: Jeep Avenger Electric SUV to Launch From 36,500 Pounds

Now this bad boy might be a strong contender in the Keys where so many Jeeps of all models are on our roads:

Jeep’s first foray into ​​the electric market, the Avenger, will launch in Europe this summer, priced from £36,500.

The baby electric Jeep, which despite not yet being released has already been crowned European Car of the Year 2023, will look to draw new customers to the US brand – now part of the giant Stellantis group – in Europe, with a particular focus on younger, female buyers.

A 54kWh battery, the same as is found in similarly sized Stellantis stablemates DS 3 E-Tense and Vauxhall Mokka Electric, will give a range of up to 248 miles, according to the WLTP cycle, but Jeep has previously claimed this can be as much as 342 miles depending on driving conditions. Power is sent to the front wheels via a single 154bhp, 192lb ft electric motor.


They need to make an Electric CJ5. Wouldn’t that be great!!!



I agree.

There’s a very loose knit club of CJ5 owners in the Keys. They don’t do meetups, unless they do so for Toys for Tots, after storm surge deliveries of items wiped out homeowners need, etc. I once say a 2 mile length of Jeeps going over the 7-Mile Bridge. And that time, they were going to a seafood festival to raise money for injured sea turtles.

The CJ5 electrified would become the No. 1 best-seller in the Keys if given a range of say 250 miles or above. The Keys aren’t that big, but EV bicycles now outnumber EVs of all types in Key West.

The CJ5 Owners don’t have stickers or anything, but they sure as heck have a great Cocoanut Telegraph Hotline to get out the message for people in need. Cool bunch of folks who know where the best places in the Keys are found.

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