STMP has been mentioned in this forum. Pitney Bowes is offering a competing product at 1/3rd the cost as STMP. Hold on to your seats and belt in.



Pitney Bowes is offering a competing product at 1/3rd the cost as STMP.

Yeah, not good AT ALL. Thanks, MONYMAN3.


Welcome Bear, sorry it wasn’t better news.


I think I’ll need to watch how this one plays out from the sidelines.

This should be interesting to watch, especially with no money in the game. Sounds like switching costs won’t be a problem as PB will be offering a much lower cost product. Customers will just need to go through whatever pain is necessary to make the switch, but am sure there are plenty of STMP customers who are very interested in saving 67% on their postage and, therefore, will switch.

STMP may have to go right down in the pricing toilet with Pitney Bowes and that won’t be pretty.
This assumes PB products works as well as STMP. Wouldn’t think there would be much of a difference since we are talking about postage and not rockets, for example.

Never a dull moment.


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True or false, strongly bearish articles like this made me nervous about…

You can also print postage through the US Postal Service and Paypal, at better rates than you get at the post office retail window. If you’re an Amazon seller, you can print your Amazon shipping postage on their website. The cost is very slightly more than with Paypal.

1 Like (STMP) was brought to my attention several years ago but I could never get interested enough to buy it. The story just does not make sense when correspondence goes electronic and their service is a commodity. But STMP has done well when bought at the right time.

Denny Schlesinger