Stock Picking - how to?

Some crypto coins operate 24 around the clock.

I trade using the 4 hour charts and play with dollar amount. ($5,000.00)

I am trying to load up crypto coin’s ticker symbols on the TOS with no luck.

With TOS, I am using Trend Trader PRO software that is same as the HA Smoothie, but sometimes it is off by a day or two going from RED to GREEN

what you are seeing is really not true, however I added a chart with OHLC bars to show you what actually is happening on the chart.
You call up ^ETHUSD and view 2 or 3 months showing the green and red bars.
Now, go to the top to the right of the werd GO in a blue tab and select colored OHLC bars.

I am now looking at
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Quill -


Here is what I am seeing with ETHE on a 1 day chart set to 5 min. Looks good.

Here it is set up like you did Quill using ^Ethusd. Look like Maybe it was just going doji and it decided to go Up?

Here is another setup on the ^Ethusd set up on 1 day 20 minutes.

I don’t know it looks like bitcoin is stronger, much easier for me to read.


Now look at Meta, isn’t that a beautiful chart?


If you were in it yesterday, yes, it does look nice.

I’d wait for a pullback to enter now. Problem with earnings, it can gap just as much the other direction and is not as easy to predict.


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Thanks Lakedog, I have been in it since 1/23. Nice little run but a lot of companies have been running.


Here is another company I like and own. When I bought it, it was paying a little over 8 percent dividend. It rents property out to marijuana growers and was having problems collecting rent for 2 properties (it’s a Reit), they just came out with a release that 2 more properties are having problems. So we will see when they report it’s name is IIPR. Here is their chart.

And here is their financials. This is not a recommendation so do your own due diligence.

This is an investment for me


Did you see this article? Is This Stock's 8% Dividend Yield Due for a Cut? | The Motley Fool

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Thanks Arindam, No I didn’t see that article but I would say it is pretty accurate. But Reits are valued on AFFO and as you can see IIPR has an AFFO payout ratio of 94 percent. The biggest problem has been their California properties. It seems the black market is out selling the legal market but the Governor said he was going after the black market big time and he has to for tax reasons.

None of IIPR’s properties have gone bankrupt yet but they have been using their deposit to pay the monthly bill which is not good. IIPR did take one property from one of their tenant’s and is going to repurpose it but the same tenant is paying all their rent in other states. I am surprised they didn’t force them to pay the full rent on all their property or kick them out because that is in their contract. That could be worrisome because it might show they are in a weaker position.


Could I ask what day did you buy IIPR?


Sure Arindam, I bought on 1/26/23 for the price of $86.37. I have been watching this company for a long time and missed last time it was this low Arindam.


Fantastic. Good entry.

Go to p.68 to see one analyst pitch IIPR.

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Thanks Arindam that was a good take on the company but I think the AFFO/share will be around $8.44 for full year 2022. But they just had 2 more companies that are struggling to pay their rent so there is that. They also have one other Reit that is following in IIPR’s footsteps and it’s Ticker is NLCP. They haven’t had any problems collecting rent yet but are much smaller and are OTC. They have been trying to get uplisted but they are having problems getting that done.


One more thing, thank you but it looks like I was 2 days early. But I am learning. At least it didn’t keep dropping but like I said I have been watching this for awhile and have wanted in. I do have puts written at the 80 strike to but I don’t think I will see them.



You’re treating IIPR as an ‘investment’, not a quick, in-and-out ‘trade’. Therefore, a good-enough entry really is good enough.

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That is true Arindam , I can make mistakes like that because 5 years from now it won’t even be noticeable. At least that is my theory.


It’s not even going to be noticeable two weeks from now.

Back into Enphase on 1/31 at 218.26. This is an investment. I was in it to early so I closed it but got a smiley face finally on 1/30 and it stayed behind.


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ENPH is looking decent.

But do note that what you’re seeing is a short-term rally within an intermediate downturn. And on a chart with weekly bars, ENPH has formed a bearish double top.

My bet is ENPH is headed down toward support in the channel.

Thanks Arindam.

Here is a 5 year chart Arindam. I will keep an eye on it.

I think people will be really buying a lot of solar panels in California this next quarter and Enphase is tops in that market with their Micro inverters. Plus Their Revenue has been accelerating for the last 3 quarters.

**The changes, which include reducing the compensation for solar power that customers export to the grid by an average of 75 percent from today’s levels, will start to go into effect for most customer classes installing new solar systems as soon as April 2023. **

California slashes payments to new rooftop-solar… | Canary Media.


One more thing Arindam, Enphase is also accelerating their earnings for the last 3 quarters and their FCF is really impressive. Here are the numbers. It doesn’t make sense fundamentally that they will keep going lower