Stocks discussed here being revalued by market

Most of the stocks discussed here are in the process of being revalued lower by the market. Another four or five weeks of this and these stocks might actually be worth buying. If we can get to an average p/s of 5 or so this would be a much more reasonable valuation for speculative, SAAS stocks.

The cloud bubble is slowly letting out air. Let’s hope it continues.


The problem is the stock you are shorting, NVDA, is up. LOL.


You always come on this board and have your 5 minutes of glory when our stocks are having a down day…never see you pontificating on our many up days and you always use the word “speculative”. With your user name, why aren’t you just shorting the stocks if they are so overvalued? Oh I forgot, you only short Nvda, hows that going for you? _=)))


If high p/s is what’s being revalued in the market, why is SQ doing fine? They’ve had a ridiculous run and a p/s over 30 I believe.




I’m not sure how you feel about NVDA, but let me ask you about the other stocks you mention. :wink:

You come on the boards for attention, make your statement to feel good about position on these names.

You are hoping for a sell off to do what? Are you personally buying at some price?

If so, what price? I’d like to know your target prices. See if you’ve really put some work and thought into this.

For the record I don’t disagree with you. I rarely post on Sauls boards, but I do read them as I think they are the best tool on MF.

I read Bears last months performance update and I noticed that he’s comfortable holding his positions, but mostly he is not comfortable adding to any positions right now. So I’d say he also feels that valuations are rich right now. Hard to argue that they are not.

I sold out of SHOP and ANET last month for instance, but I’m looking to reenter and actually bought a first position in ANET yesterday.

So this is getting a bit long winded, but like I said I rarely post here.

So give us your price targets for said companies. I think that’s a lot more helpful then just publicly coming on and stating all cloud stocks are bursting and will come down and become better values. That serves no one, not even you.