Strange interruption on cell phone

I was on the phone with my bank when my phone went silent in the middle of a sentence.
The call had been going on for a half hour or so with some interruptions as the service person had to contact various other departments, putting me on hold (with music) each time. But this was just dead silence. Eventually he came back online and said something weird had happened as a woman’s voice had come on apologizing for the interruption.
I told him there was nobody else here so it must have been at his end.

BUT Neurospouse came in shortly afterwards and when I was on hold again, she said that the car had freaked her out as she got home. A man was speaking through the car speakers which thoroughly spooked her.

It seems that as she came up the driveway my phone made a Bluetooth connection to the car, and she was hearing the conversation with the bank.

The phone is paired with the car, but I hadn’t considered that it would take precedence over the physical device while a conversation was underway.

When I offered this explanation to her and to the bank contact, we all had a good laugh how that could happen.

Just an FYI about how technology sometimes gives surprising results.

I don’t THINK there are potential security issues, but the range of Bluetooth can be surprising.


I recently, well earlier thus year added a replacement Apine head unit to replace the OEM AM/FM/DVD/Tape deck it came with thad had died. It did not include CarPlay, so I added a dongle, it just plugged into the USB port and works well after pairing.

However, things can get confusing if I get an incoming call, my Watch, the iPhone, and the CarPlay grab hold, and sorting out which to the the call on can be distracting, so a few times I’just answered on my watch until I can pull over and use the iPhone or the CarPlay… So I need to play with settings, including the silencing when driving to make it go to the CarPlay/Alpine as it does have a mic…

Challenging new technology… But 100% better than the old OEM unit,.


When the man started speaking through the car speakers, for a second I thought this was some kind of joke and it will end up with aliens taking over the household. Gladly I kept reading, as I always want to hear about, what you called, surprising results. Mostly because I expect, based on my whole life, for anything weird technology related to happen to me. The more I know the less spooked (and, I admit, at times slightly paranoid) I get when something actually happens. What I’m trying to say is thank you for sharing this.

Technology is great, isn’t it? Maybe we should keep the bluetooth turned off. What if someone figures out how to hack that bluetooth signal and listen to our conversations? They may have already figured this out…doc