Strange timing for BRICS

This last week the press has been filling up with articles on the collapse of China’s economy:

Strange that this is happening at the time of the BRICS meeting in South Africa

When your say “this is happening…at the same time”, what is it you think is happening?


Your quoted article is clickbait MUS.

The article can’t even get the data correct. It claims that the US has a debt to GDP ratio of 255%, more than double the actual ratio.


Next thing you know they will be reporting that Russia started a war.


the Express?


Just go the whole hog and bark for something like Nasty Naked Nuns Counting Krugerrand Coins Collective

david fb


And its “BREAKING NEWS!!!”


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It’s been reported in quite a few places. Even Joe Biden says China’s economy is in trouble so it must be right :slight_smile:

Strange coincidence

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No, divitias, I am not swallowing, let alone passing, that soft toed evasion.

The It you now pretend is the subject is China’s economy, troubled and discussed and obvious for months, but the It I was (rather obviously) referring to was the headlined “US Could Come Crashing Down Next”.

That headline and that notion are pure Express attention seeking misleading puerility of the naked nuns variety, and it hooked you with your gold vs money obsessions.

Simple silliness, but distracting from both serious and amusing discussion, and so I am calling it out.

david fb


Why break the news? Isn’t broke enough?

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It is true! Even NPR is discussing it.

We have been touching on it for months. The news in Commercial RE here and in China is falling apart.

I think the US has a shallow recession with a dramatic fall in asset prices. Labor a mild recession. The US will be recovering shortly after tax day 2024. Bull market ahead by then.

China? This is going to be a never ending recession back into the dark ages. Xi awaits the Chinese people. He is already in the dark ages.

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Rare protests in China. It’s all starting to kick off:

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So, yesterday at the BRICSA conference Xi missed making his planned speech. Unusual. Maybe it was the missing Chinese nuclear submarine that distracted him.

Although he had arrived in South Africa on Monday evening, Xi skipped the business forum and no explanation was given, prompting a reaction from China watchers. Bonnie Glaser, managing director of the Indo-Pacific Programme at the German Marshall Fund, wondered if his absence meant something was “amiss”.

“This should be ‘stop the presses’ news!” Jorge Guajardo, a former Mexican ambassador to China, said in response to Glaser’s post. “An unannounced absence, especially in a multilateral forum (which the PRC seldom misses), after all the ground work with India, is truly newsworthy. If true, something is certainly amiss.”



@DrBob2 China has made promises to other nations but really does not deliver. For Xi to speak or being asked questions on the record? Not a good look.

There is no brics without China and India. India is leaning into the west. China is going down the drain.

Looks like you are correct. We were ‘promised’ so much. Just more talk:

China - big sell off:

This will probably be the highlight of the meeting:

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From @Divitias link to AlJazeera.

Argentina has long leaned anti US, anti UK.
Argentina’s economy has long been ridiculed in the West. Argentina controls part of the Li triangle.

Adding Egypt and Ethiopia increases the footprint in Africa.

Iran and Saudi Arabia. Now there’s two staunch Western allies!

BRICS is a union. Unions organize the powerless against the powerful. Many POCs of the Global South countries are being courted to unionize against the exploitative, oppressive, racist US/West.

Will the US/West succeed in union busting?

In general, I’m not a big fan of al Jazeera English. Often the articles SEEM to be biased toward US/West POV?
I would expect an Arabic news source to be less western.

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al Jazeera was formed by ex-BBC journalists. That might explain some of it.

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I’m from the UK and most BBC journalists hate The West

The problem is with the exception of Brazil and India the reason people are powerless is mostly their own leaders.

In other words colonialism not in actual fact happening any longer it is up to the leadership to build a nation as opposed to lining his own pockets. No one else is to blame for that.

I get the US oil companies buy off dictators. I get the cold war supported dictators. Still no dictator has to line his own pockets instead of building industry.

Note the IRA in the US is about building our nation. It is not about lining the politicos pockets. Will it be corrupted? Not by much. In other nations it would not even be considered because the same powers that be would need to pay taxes for it to happen.

The bottom line BRICS is relatively unimportant. India and Brazil will build their nations regardless. BRICS dictators just make them look bad. Of course dictators killing their own would make them look bad.