'stupid' Western sanctions must be worki

Putin accuses the US of playing God with its ‘sacred interests’, accuses them of treating countries like ‘colonies’ and slams ‘stupid’ Western sanctions

Vladimir Putin today accused the US of treating states like ‘colonies’ in address

Russian tyrant said ‘nothing will be as it used to be’ in speech at ‘Russia’s Davos’

The address was delayed more than 90 minutes following ‘massive’ cyber attack

Russia’s flagship economic forum kicked off on Wednesday.

Attendees include representatives of the Taliban and separatist authorities from eastern Ukraine

Food security is expected to be a major topic on the agenda after Moscow’s military campaign and sanctions disrupted deliveries of wheat and other commodities from Russia and Ukraine.

One of the forum’s most popular events won’t be held: Putin’s question-and-answer session with executives of major international news organizations.

Instead, he will meet with the heads of Russian news media and ‘front-line reporters’ from Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Peskov said prior to the event.