SuperBowl: TV Ad $ vs Streaming

Bottom line here is that there is still a LOT more money in TV advertising which I believe should continue to make its way over to streaming as the years roll on. I plan on holding both Roku and TTD as this plays out.

Fox’s streaming only Ads were priced from $300K-400K for a 30 second spot.
Fox’s TV Ads were sold for up to $5.6 million!
The streaming ads have only 7.1% the value of a typical TV commercial. Wow. How quickly will this money start to pour over to streaming? That’s the question.

While this is probably behind a paywall for everyone, I dont have a WSJ sub and was able to access the full article when I clicked the link through Twitter. I’ll provide both and see if it lets you read it.

Here is Gavin Baker’s tweet.…

Here’s a direct link to the article.…

And btw, I’ll be streaming the game through the Fox App on my Roku Ultra, hoping to get a good 4K stream and see how this looks on my Samsung QLED TV. Happy Super Bowl viewing everyone!