Surprise Ozempic babies

As an Eli Lilly shareholder making a competitive drug, I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse. I’ll find out at the market open.


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This is weeks old news. The market open won’t matter now.

Not surprising. Obesity and abnormal estrogen go hand in hand (for men and women). Correct the obesity. at least partially, chance of pregnancy increases.

Didn’t read the article but what would be surprising is if women who are taking ozempic to loose 5-10 pounds are getting pregnant.

No mention of vanity usage really. What was interesting is that these apparent surprises shouldn’t have been. From the article, there is a warning to discontinue using the drug if women are actively trying to get pregnant…so I imagine that the reverse is the case (that women taking the drug should continue with birth control methods). I imagine this is primarily out of concerns for any effects on the developing foetus. Apparently, women who were pregnant or trying to get pregnant were specifically excluded from the clinical trials for these drugs.

Edit for link dump. Excluding women of childbearing age from clinical trials has a longish history stretching back to the post Thalidomide years. It’s not exclusive to these drugs.

History of Women’s Participation in Clinical Research.

There are a lot of mays/mights/and coulds in that article. It could be that the companies and the FDA might have rushed the drugs to market a little too early. Maybe more research needs to be done.

I am the last person to ask about medical advice, but it is my understand that the drugs not only send a signal to the brain earlier that “I’m full”, but also retard the absorption of stomach contents into the system. Is it possible that it also retards absorption of birth control pill ingredients into the system, thereby rendering them less effective?

Someone here will know, and one thing I’m sure of: it isn’t me.

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Were you accused again?


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[quote=“Goofyhoofy, post:6, topic:104860”]
that the drugs not only send a signal

Here is a summary link.

(What is Ozempic used for and how does it work?)

Cliff’s Notes: helps stimulate insulin production, decreases sugar release from liver, and delays stomach emptying.

So depending on how birth control pills are designed to be absorbed, i.e. which part of the gut, delayed stomach emptying could possibly change their effectiveness. My bet is still on the weight loss and decrease of abnormal estrogen returning people to a more normal fertility state.

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