Swapping dishwashers

I bought a new home and took possession of it on June 29. It had a KitchenAid dishwasher. My old house which was not yet on the market had a one year old Bosch dishwasher. We used the KitchenAid to see if we liked it but we liked the Bosch dishwasher more. So I decided to swap the dishwashers between the houses. I had never installed one before so it was going to be a new experience.

First, I disconnected Bosch dishwasher in the old home. It was hardwired so I had to disconnect the wires. I transported it to the new home. When I pulled out the KitchenAid, I found it to corded instead of hardwired. First, I had to rewire the Bosch for a cord. That wasn’t a problem. When sliding the dishwasher in the space, the adjustment on the feet were way off. The hardwood extends under the cabinet of the new house but it didn’t in the old house.

The Bosch has two adjusting feet in front and one in the back. There is a adjustment screw on the front to adjust the rear foot. There is an arrow to the left (counter-clockwise) that is labelled up and an arrow to the right (clockwise) that is labelled down. I needed the back of the dishwasher to go down to get it level so I turned the screw clockwise. The back of the dishwasher went up. Huh? A business major must have designed it. Down actually meant the foot goes down which makes the dishwasher go up. So I turned the screw in the up direction which made the foot go up which results in the back of the dishwasher going down. I got everything put back together. I ran it and it worked perfectly.

Now I transported the KitchenAid to the old house. Since it was corded, I first had to remove the cord. I had a mouse issue earlier in the year. One thing the mouse did was chew on the electrical wires. Fortunately for me, the builder left excess wire in the crawlspace below the dishwasher. I was able to pull more and cut off the damaged section. The next issue was that you could only adjust the front feet of the KitchenAid. The dishwasher needed to have a level floor. It was not level since the hardwood did not extend under the cabinet. Fortunately again for me, I don’t throw stuff out. I had some hardwood boards in the attic from the original installation. I cut a few boards to fit where the feet would be rest on the floor. Once I finished that, the dishwasher slid right in with no issues. I ran a wash cycle and it worked fine.

Although never doing this work before and running into several issues, I completed a successful project.



Anecdote showing there are very few “simple projects”.

Yours wasn’t a big deal, but certainly more complicated than it would initially appear. Congrats that your mouse didn’t cause a bigger issue!

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I just changed a potfiller yesterday. I could have done it Friday or Saturday, but I never attempt a plumbing project on the weekend. Just in case.

The potfiller was leaking from one of its swivel joints. Danze gave me no hassles, and sent a replacement. Popping it off was a little tricky (it was stuck). I noticed that they lazy bums didn’t drill into the granite backsplash, they just glued the mounting flange in place. I think if I have to replace that again, I will have a pro do it so they can drill and mount that thing properly. I’d rather they be on the hook for doing it right, than me destroying our backsplash.

But it is mounted, no leaks.



Congratulations. Similar ‘roadblocks’ and unexpected issues seem to be the norm for me with many projects. I am usually successful as well, but sometimes I have to get pretty creative and allow plenty of time.

These days I cherish those projects that I expect to spend hours on and then just fall into place. Perhaps my pre-project planning skills are improving – knock on wood. I’m finding that if I expect something to take quite a while, then often it doesn’t. It’s the simple ones that still catch me; like that one screw/bolt/fastener that won’t come loose and there’s not enough room to attack it.